Giuliana's Work

Giuliana had her own atelier in Geneva until 2007. She did most of her work from 1994 to 2004, before being hit by the illness, but even in the following years she never gave up. She was forced to rest during chemotherapy treatment, but as soon as she felt better, she resumed working with vigor and enthusiasm.

Giuliana made several exhibitions but felt no urge to sell. She would have liked to exhibit her work in her new place of residence. That was unfortunately impossible due to her illness. A retrospective has taken place in Schlossturm Pfäffikon SZ from 19 to 28 September 2014. The retrospective was a homage of Giorgio to her, and a late fulfillment of her wish. The catalog is available upon request.

Giuliana worked with a variety of media and mixed techniques on canvas, paper, cardboard and wood panels. She also made several etchings. She developed specific subjects, masks and trees among others. Her subjects frequently are half-real or imaginary figures and sceneries. Abstracts constitute a substantial part of her work.

The texture intensity of the paintings is dense, the colour palette is warm and strong. The works make a striking impression on the observer.

The pictures galleries give a glimpse into Giuliana’s fascinating artistic work.