A Short but Intense Life as an Artist

Giuliana Ippoliti lived in Geneva from 1972 to 2007, together with her husband Giorgio Stefanini. He was a physicist at CERN. She, a physics graduate too, was a teacher of mathematics and physics in the Geneva “Collèges”. They were both Italian citizen and were interested in the arts and in classical music.

In 1992 Giuliana discovered her talent for drawing and painting and she dedicated herself fully and with passion to her artistic activity. After basic training, she attended workshops and classes, in particular in Lausanne and London. She did several exhibitions; her last personal was in 2006 in Geneva.

In 2004 Giuliana was struck by cancer. She had treatment first in Geneva and then in Zurich, after having moved with Giorgio in 2008 to Wilen SZ. She died in April 2012.

Giuliana and Giorgio had together decided to create a public interest foundation. The Giuliana and Giorgio Stefanini Foundation was registered in August 2012. The foundation supports targeted projects in the domains of cancer research and clinical studies on cancer,  visual arts and classical music.
Giuliana's works are not for sale. They will be bequeathed to the Foundation.